Sheila Ivy Traister

Sheila Traister

Sheila Ivy Traister is an award winning actor, writer, and critically acclaimed director, on stage and screen; who’s enjoyed a 45+ year career in the entertainment industry.  She’s worked with Academy Award winning actors and directors the likes of Helen Mirren, Hillary Swank, Nathan Lane, Jim Sheridan, Lee Daniels, and Taylor Hackford, to name a few. Sheila is highly acclaimed as a mentor, coach, and teaching artist across the globe for many disciplines and industries. She created the Acting Department at the Colorado Film School in 1999, taught On-Camera Acting at Denver School of the Arts, and Acting & Directing at University of Colorado Denver. Dedicated to inclusive, fair, and equitable treatment of all, Sheila is a tireless advocate for under and mis-represented communities through her work in the labor movement. In June, 2024 she was awarded the prestigious, George Heller Gold Card by SAG-AFTRA for 4+ decades of meritorious service.