Mrigesh Parmar (Sunny)

Mrigesh is sitting behind a camera. He is wearing a gray shirt with a picture of a mountain, lake, and clouds.

Sunny is a talented filmmaker and San Jose State University (SJSU) alumnus. During his time at SJSU, he made a name for himself by creating compelling and innovative films that captured the hearts and minds of his audiences. One of his most notable works, The Hopeless Romantic, was chosen to represent SJSU as part of the 2013 Campus Movie Festival. This film showcased Parmar's storyteller skill and ability to create emotionally resonant narratives that connect with audiences. Another one of his films, The Right Person, was even featured in the book The Death and Rebirth of Cinema: Mastering The Art of Cinematography In The Digital Cinema AgeĀ  by author Harry Mathias.