Emma Montana McElroy

Black and white photo of Emma. She wears a short sleeved shirt and has long hair, pulled back on the side with a flower.

Emma was born and raised in Berkeley, CA where she was connected to disability rights activism at a young age. She completed her bachelor’s degree at CSUN, dual majoring in Health Administration and Hospitality Management. After graduation, she worked for years helping patients navigate through the healthcare system. She’s been involved in collaborations over the years with EIN SOF Communications including extensive work with LCA. Emma currently splits her time working as Project Manager for EIN SOF Communications/LCA and volunteering at the crisis hotline. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors and dancing. She is pursuing her master’s degree in Clinical Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy. She has a passion for community mental health education, disability advocacy, holistic/alternative forms of healing, and working with youth.